The word Amahoro means “peace” in Kinyarwanda. We chose it as our company name because we share the desire to contribute to a long-term peaceful environment in Rwanda. In our view the local people at any tourist destination should be equal partners in the development of tourist activities. That way, it can be guaranteed that not only will the visitors have a more intimate and intense experience, but the trip will be mutually beneficial to both hosts and guests. When you choose to use our local guides, you can be assured that your African experience will be as personal as possible. You will be able to develop your own image about the real Rwanda: learning a lot about the culture and way of life (and probably about yourself as well). Thus contributing to the meaningful and sustainable development of the Rwandan people.

The Amahoro Guesthouse was founded by Gregory Bakunzi  Managing Director of Amahoro Tours & Amahoro Guesthouse.

Tel.: +250 0788655223, +250 0788687448

Fax: +250 546877

Office hours for Amahoro Tours are: 8am–5pm Mon–Fri, 9–12 Sat.

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In the past years, Greg has gained experience as a Rwandan tour organiser and guide for various international tour operators. His professionalism and sincerity as well as his exceptional understanding of the needs and desires of international visitors have gained him renown among clients, and respect among the members of local communities.

He is co-founder and president of the Ruhengeri Community.

Eco-Tourism Association, a local association of partners in tourism development in Rwanda. For the services offered by Amahoro Tours he can fall back on his numerous contacts in the area, thereby guaranteeing the best possible visitor experience, and the most possible benefit for the local people.

Greg works with an experienced and highly motivated local staff team responsible for client contacts, as well as tour development and facilitation.